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Road to Athens plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise

Iberian Peninsula and Morocco

Vacation Type: Hotels, Discoverer
Duration: 21 Days
Countries: Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Gibraltar

from USD 5348

Get ready for the tantalising trio of Spain, Portugal & Morocco! From strolling Barcelona's Gothic Quarter to uncovering intricately tiled mosques in Casablanca and unfathomably fresh seafood in Lisbon. This tour is a maze of culture, cuteness & colourful experiences.

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The Big Tiki (Auckland to Queenstown Summer)

Ibiza & Beyond

Vacation Type: In-Depth Explorer
Duration: 9 Days
Countries: Spain

from USD 2609

From bright disco lights to boutique shopping, idyllic pebbled bays to crumbling alleys of coffee shops - this trip is a wonderland of all things Spain. We'll hop through a kaleidoscope of sceneries ensuring there's never a dull moment, starting at the beach side beauty of Barcelona and concluding at the inland capital of Madrid.

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Bella Bolivia

Spanish Spree

Vacation Type: Discoverer, Small Groups
Duration: 14 Days
Countries: Spain, Gibraltar

from USD 2395

Two weeks drifting around Spain - you'll be speaking Español before you know it! Our Spanish Spree holiday gets you under the covers of this cultured country, exploring everywhere from San Sebastian to Seville, with a side trip to Ibiza in between. Cultured days and raging nights are ripe for the picking.

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