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Amazing Spain and Portugal Guided Tour

Amazing Spain & Portugal - Small Group, Summer

Tour Code: SE300ZM19
Vacation Type: Regional
Duration: 9 Days
Countries: Spain, Portugal

from USD 3250

From walking the cobblestone streets of a former Roman colony to tasting a decadent 'Pastel de Nata' tart made from a 200-year-old secret recipe, this 9-day guided tour allows you to embrace the best of old-world Spain and Portugal. Listen as metal sizzles in a master artisan’s hands as he teaches you the craft of Damascene. In Granada, wander the fragrant and arabesque gardens of the Alhambra Palace. Learn the art of flamenco dancing, stomping your feet to the sounds of an acoustic guitar, in a private lesson with professionals in Seville. Then, cross the Portuguese border to scale a 16th-century fortress in Lisbon and visit Fátima, Portugal's most holy site. Finally, raise a glass and say ¡salud! to these ancient wonders during a celebration feast in Madrid.

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European Quest Summer Trip

European Quest (Summer), Start London, End London, Season 2024

Tour Code: CCEQMP19
Vacation Type: Iconic Essentials
Duration: 25 Days
Countries: Austria, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Monaco, Holy See (Vatican City State)

from USD 4060

Coast to coast, city to city, the European Quest is el perfecto! Balancing everything we love about being in Europe. Stunning days spent on the coast of San Sebastian, cultured nights bar hopping in Prague, and enough time in Italy to leave you up to your eyebrows in pizza.

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London to Rome Trip

London to Rome (Start Paris Summer 2023)

Tour Code: CCLRME18
Vacation Type: Iconic Essentials
Duration: 15 Days
Countries: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Holy See (Vatican City State)

from USD 3040

For those unenthused by ticking countries off a list; those who would rather get to know a place inside out. Indulge in champagne & escargot in Paris and spend a couple of nights moseying along the French Riviera. And that's just the beginning...

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Marian Holiday

Marian Holiday

Tour Code: destination1033
Duration: 17 Days 16 Nights
Countries: France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland

Starts from USD5,650

Explore Europe on a 17-day tour through France, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal, discovering breathtaking landscapes and world-famous landmarks.

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