Say Hi to Shanghai with
China Eastern Airlines

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Manila - Shanghai - Manila
Time to check Shanghai off your bucketlist! China Eastern Airlines is ready to help you start your adventure!

Anniversary Sale by Cathay Pacific

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Manila - Hong Kong - Manila

Economy Class Seat Sale by China Airlines

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Amazing Deals to Japan by Korean Air

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A Spiritual Journey: Retracing the Christian Faith in Holy Land

Package starts at USD 2,480 per person
Join Fr. Leonard Dollentas and Sister Cristina on a 10-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land and rediscover your Christian faith…

Wonderful Korea Tour (Gangwon-do & Seoul)

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USD 888 per person
Go on a Wonderful Korea tour and satisfy all your winter wonderland fantasies!

Korea Autumn Splendor Tour
(Busan - Gyeongbuk - Seoul)

Package starts at
USD 948 per person
Set your expectations high as the leaves fall on this autumn adventure!

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