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The Adventurer Trip

The Adventurer with train to Machu Picchu (Until Feb 2023)

Tour Code: ADTRM17
Vacation Type: Discoverer
Duration: 24 Days
Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Peru

from USD 5909

The ultimate trip for those that love to explore, this trip has Peru, Argentina & Brazil covered. From misty train rides through the sacred valley to Machu Picchu, ziplining through the Amazon jungle, getting the party started in Rio and so much more, on this epic odyssey of waterfalls, beaches and big cities, no day is quite like the next. Adventurers everywhere, you've found your calling.

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The Explorer Trip

The Explorer, with Inca Trail Treck (From Mar 2022)

Tour Code: EXTKM18
Vacation Type: Discoverer
Duration: 18 Days
Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Peru

from USD 4819

Want a taste of Peru, Argentina & Brazil? This colorful collision of cultures follows Incan footsteps in Machu Picchu, dives into some jungle adventures in the Amazon, teaches you the tango and tastes empanadas in Buenos Aires and gets the party started in the home of Carnival: Rio. Forget just getting a taste - this 18 day odyssey is a feast for the senses.

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