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Turtle Trek in Tortuguero - Detour Mini Adventure

Turtle Trek in Tortuguero - Detour Mini Adventure(Twin Room,Start San Jose, End San Jose)

Tour Code: TRTKM17
Vacation Type: Hotels, Detour
Duration: 3 Days
Country: Costa Rica

from USD 520

Tortuguero is a coastal park of thicketed jungles, banana plantations and winding canals, stretching into the Caribbean sea. But it's most famous as a breeding ground for the green sea turtle. This adventure takes you along the winding canals, with plenty of time for hikes in lush surrounding jungles. You'll also get to visit a conservation centre and learn how the local community is protecting this precious reptile. But the trip's true showstopper is when you head to the beach with your local turtle ranger, to see the turtles in their natural habitat. It's strictly hands off, but it's also the kind of spine-tingling, life changing travel experience you'll remember forever.

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