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Oktoberfest - 5 Days Camping (Start/End London)

Grand Northern(Twin Room,Start New York City, End Los Angeles)

Vacation Type: Camping, Short Trips & Festivals
Duration: 26 Days
Countries: Canada, United States

from USD 490

Just think, there are some poor unfortunate souls that have to fly from New York to LA, trapped above the clouds while we're down here seeing every damn thing this country has on offer. Niagara Falls, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, deep dish pizza in Chicago, farmlands of the Midwest. You guys, the grass is very green down here.

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Scandinavia & Russia Plus

North by North East(Twin Room,Start New York City, End Chicago)

Vacation Type: Hostels, In-Depth Explorer
Duration: 13 Days
Countries: Canada, United States

from USD 3739

Take in the fast paced life of Boston, experience the charm, culture and sophistication of Quebec, Montreal and Toronto, get exhilarated by watching Niagara Falls until you finally head back to the US where you'll see why 'Cleveland Rocks'. Hold on to your hats as we enter the 'Windy City' of Chicago.

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