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Grand Northern (From April 2020)

Grand Northern (From April 2020)(Twin Room,Start New York City, End Las Vegas)

Tour Code: GNGN15
Vacation Type: Discoverer
Duration: 25 Days
Countries: Canada, United States

from USD 4025

This adventure through North America is so grand it's difficult to put into words. The eateries of Boston, the passion of Quebec, the multicultural mosaics of Toronto, the majesty of Niagara Falls, through Chicago, Mt Rushmore and multiple national parks, from canyon towns to glamping in Zion under a canvas of stars, before finishing up under the glittering lights of Las Vegas - there's only word word that does a road trip like this justice: epic.

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North by North East

North by North East(Twin Room,Start New York City, End Chicago)

Tour Code: GNNN15
Vacation Type: Discoverer
Duration: 13 Days
Countries: Canada, United States

from USD 2335

Take in the fast paced life of Boston, experience the charm, culture and sophistication of Quebec, Montreal and Toronto, get exhilarated by watching Niagara Falls until you finally head back to the US where you'll see why 'Cleveland Rocks'. Hold on to your hats as we enter the 'Windy City' of Chicago.

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Northern Adventure (From April 2020)

Northern Adventure (From April 2020)(Twin Room,Start Chicago, End Las Vegas)

Tour Code: GNNE15
Vacation Type: Discoverer
Duration: 12 Days
Countries: United States

from USD 2345

Ready for the ultimate North American adventure? Starting in the Windy City, this one takes you across South Dakota, through America's beautiful heartland, from the icons of Mt. Rushmore and Teton National Park, finishing up with some showstopping glamping under the stars in Zion, before heading for the glittering lights of Vegas.

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The Sumptuous Soul of America - Summer 2020

Tour Code: ARAFM15
Vacation Type: Luxury Gold
Duration: 14 Days
Countries: United States

from USD 5925

Join us for a toe-tapping trip of rock, jazz and country music, as you delve into the sumptuous soul of America. You'll start in Chicago, a great food city also known for its jazz and blues, before heading south to the musical meccas of Nashville and Memphis. End your trip with a little jazz as you head to the Mississippi Delta and on to zesty New Orleans. From visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville to the iconic Graceland mansion, this trip not only comes with behind-the-scenes experiences, but with its own memorable soundtrack.

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