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Majestic Switzerland - Summer 2021

Tour Code: G160M16
Vacation Type: Luxury Gold
Duration: 10 Days
Countries: France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein

from USD 5885

Step into a world of snow-capped mountains, traditional alpine villages and warm hospitality. This idyllic journey takes you to fairy-tale castles, breathtaking peaks and storybook meadows. Along the way you will meet Local Experts who will share the stories of the region as you enjoy tasting local specialties, such as fondue and creamy chocolate. Stay in luxurious hotels, see beautiful cities and marvel at some of the most extraordinary scenery on the planet.

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Ultimate Italy - with Venice Simplon Orient Express, Summer 2021

Tour Code: G210M16
Vacation Type: Luxury Gold
Duration: 15 Days
Countries: Italy, Switzerland

from USD 11495

This magnificent journey showcases Italy’s grand past, romantic cities and exquisite natural wonders. Step into the ancient world, as a Local Expert shows you the cobblestone alleyways of Pompeii, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel in VIP style, and the gravity-defying Tower of Pisa. Along the way, you’ll discover how medieval trades are being kept alive, participate in a Tuscan cooking masterclass and cruise along the canals of Venice onboard a traditional gondola. From iconic capitals to the charming fishing villages of the Cinque Terre, uncover the full grandeur of Italy. Your luxurious travels continue as you step onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express for your overnight journey to Paris.

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