Special Advisory: Japan Embassy Update as of 01 December 2021


Starting November 30, 2021, The Embassy of Japan in Manila announces the acceptance of application for below visa categories and purposes.

Accepted visa categories but still subject for review of the Consul are the following:

1. Applications with Certificate of Eligibility for:
   a. Spouses or Child of Japanese Nationals
   b. Spouses or Child of a Long term /Permanent residents
   c. Professor or Instructor in an Institution
   d. Medical Practitioner 

2. Diplomat and or Official purposes

3. Humanitarian or Urgent purposes

4. Re-Entry permit for former permanent residents

5. Visiting Relative for:
    a. Spouse
    b. Children

Application for non-essential travels are still suspended.

Not accepted visa categories due to the suspension of non-essential travels are the following:

1. Application for Business Visa

2. Applications with Certificate of Eligibility for:
    a. Technical Intern Trainee/Working
    b. Student Visa

3. Application for Visiting Relative, for:
    a. Parents
    b. Siblings

4. Application for Tourist Visa

Please contact our Documentation Team for further details:

JM Torres
Email: jatorres@rajahtravel.com
Mobile: +63917 8543628 / Viber Chat

Sandy Sese
Email: jpsese@rajahtravel.com
Mobile: +63917 5296774 / Viber Chat

Kae Macapagal
Email: japvisamkt@rajahtravel.com
Mobile: +63917 8543614 / Viber Chat


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