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Scandinavia & Russia

Scandinavia & Russia(Multi Share,Start Copenhagen, End Moscow)

Tour Code: CCSPMA16
Vacation Type: Hostels, In-Depth Explorer
Duration: 18 Days
Countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Russian Federation

from USD 3755

This trip gives you the perfect mix of spectacular natural beauty and intriguing history. The culturally curious will find themselves at a ballet show in St Petersburg & touring the Kremlin in Moscow. The adrenaline junkies will get a chance to go bobsledding in Lillehammer or White Water Rafting in Voss...or maybe you're the wild one that chooses to do it all. Either way, you won't forget the sights and sounds of Scandinavia and Russia in a hurry...

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Scandinavia(Multi Share,Start Copenhagen, End Stockholm)

Tour Code: CCSDMA16
Vacation Type: Hostels, In-Depth Explorer
Duration: 12 Days
Countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden

from USD 2305

From colourful Copenhagen to sophisticated Stockholm, this trip gives you 12 days of pure Scandinavian magic. Expect fresh air, fairytale forests, fresh seafood, hot saunas, jaw-dropping fjords and enough natural beauty and cultural heritage to take your breath away. Get the pulse racing in Voss, gawp at the Geiranger Fjord and meet some Alaskan Huskies in Dalarna - and that's just for starters.

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