Singapore: Weekend City Break

3 days / 2 nights

Starts from USD 189 per person

Be in awe as you walk the streets of the lion city of the Southeast Asia with your friends, family and/ or loved ones! It's a little city but full of man-made wonders and adventures. Witness modern attractions that beautifully preserves nature and enhances with technology. Immerse in the melting pot of culture in Singapore!

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South Korea: Countryside and City Vibe

5 Days / 4 Nights

Starts from USD 795 per person

The wait is over! you can now visit Korea and reminisce the sweet moments of your favorite Kdrama that left you craving for love and travel during the lockdown season. Reminisce the scenes of Yoon Hye Jin, the charming city dentist, and Hong Doo Shik, the handsome jack of all trades, at 'Gongjin' as you visit the remarkable landmarks of the seaside village where they first met. This tour combines the fresh and simple ambiance of the countryside in Pohang City, and the contemporary vibe of Seoul, for you to enjoy the best of both worlds as showcased in "Hometown Chachacha".

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South Korea: Mystical Jeju

3 Days / 2 Nights

Php 39, 888 per person

Pack your bags and get-ready 'coz we've got everything you need in this trip. All you have to do is free your schedule for a 3-day adventure to the mystical island of Jeju. For sure, you will see some familiar spots in the island from your favorite kdrama. Grab this rare chance to travel and enter South Korea visa-free!

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South Korea: Purple Road

4 Days / 3 Nights

Starts from USD 595 per person

Armies! It’s time to give in to your inner child, grant its long-time wish, and say "go, go" for a trip to Korea with your friends. Experience euphoria as you get off the airplane, closer to your first love and idol, the BTS!!! Feel your heartbeat as you wake up to a brand new day and begin exploring their iconic shooting spots. Run, jump, take your photos, and do what you like all day and all night. No more dream, ‘coz this trip is definitely real and dope!

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South Korea: Seize the moment

5 days / 4 nights

Starts from USD 695 per person

Seize the moment in South Korea as you tour around the city and enjoy the rides at Everland with your friends and family. Be captivated by the beauty of nature in Nami Island plus, Shop till you drop by heading off to famous shopping destinations!

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Thailand: Bangkok Grandeur

4 Days / 3 Nights

Starts from USD 428 per person

Wander and recharge not so far away from the hustle and bustle of Thailand's metropolis. Let the warm breeze of the City embrace you as you step into grand walkways leading to temples and palaces!

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Thailand: Charms of Siam

4 Days / 3 Nights

from USD 345 per person per person

"Sawadee ka". Immerse in charms of the land called Siam! Effortlessly blend-in with the locals and breathe in a familiar atmosphere of a tropical city. At the same time, discover what makes Thailand's culture distinctly beautiful among its neighbors, through their temples, palaces and food.

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The Old Manila Tour

4 hours

PHP 2,958 per person

Take a step back in time as you witness the Charms of Old Manila...

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The Walls of Intramuros

4 hours

PHP 3,748 per person

Witness the charm of the Old Manila beneath the walls of “Intramuros"...

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